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The Game of Life and How to Play It is a metaphysical classic. Ms.Shinn uses everyday situations to emphasis how

metaphysics and spiritual concepts enhance your life. Believe me, you won't want to put this book down.

Your Word is Your Wand: A Sequel to the Game of Life and How to Play It By Florence Scovel Shinn


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If you read my review for Ms.Shinn's other book "The Game of Life and How to Play It" her sequel "Your Word Is Your Wand" is just as riveting. This sequel hones in on the power of our words and how we can use them for goodwill or impediments in our life. Definitely worth taking note!

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I initially purchased Autobiography of a Yogi in paperback. After reading, underlining, and highlighting points in the book that inspired me, I purchased the hardcover edition. In my view, Autobiography of a Yogi is a treasure. It's not for everyone as it is advanced spiritually; however, it is written for the common individual in simple language. In fact, anyone picking up this book to read simply out of curiosity will be inspired. The content is witty and intelligently written. If you are searching for answers to the mysteries of our existence, you will find that this book will satisfy your curiosity. 

The Difference Between Being Kind and Being Nice

March 12, 2024

Many people don't know that there's a difference between being nice and being kind. One is conditional and the other is unconditional built around the wisdom and compassion given to us by God. Here I will explain the differences between the two. :

Nice People

The first response most people have upon meeting others is to put on their best behavior. Which means being nice. It's certainly admirable and is a necessity in order for society to function in a rudimentary sense. For example, when meeting others if we instantly become rude and disagreeable you would be considered a person that is hard to get along with. Nice people will be on their best behavior.. At least in the beginning.

However, a nice person is nice as long as you are nice to them. Their actions are conditional as long as you are acting in a manner that pleases them. Nice people expect individuals to act in a certain way. They place conditions on their niceness depending on how well you treat them.

Under these circumstances, it's easier to understand the curiosity of people who ask the question "why do bad things happen to good people?" Individuals may appear good but only God truly knows the heart.

Because they primarily act from an emotional perspective, nice people lack intuitiveness. For instance, if they do get a "gut feeling" to leave a particular situation alone, they fail to do so. Why? Because being nice requires ego driven desires that are hard to control. These people will compromise their integrity as the goal is to deal with situations until they get what they want.

Being nice is tinged with selfishness. People live on a lower conscious level as they're not aware of "the self" and therefore project all of their wants and needs on others.

Certainly we all can go through difficult times. The problem is that a nice person has no trust in the Soul guidance given to us all and stay with circumstances and situations that are better left alone. Nice people are driven primarily by ego which always leads us on the road to destruction.

Kind People

Kind people understand the shortcomings of human nature. Therefore, they don't expect perfection from others.

Aware of their true soul nature, a kind person has patience with others. Their goodwill is not based upon the way another person acts. They know that you cannot control others but only yourself. They also realize that their work is always with themselves so they've come to realize that "being true to yourself is the only way to have peace in this world." In other words...they are kind because they are that way not due to any external circumstances.

Being true to yourself is not selfish if you're centered in the wisdom of the soul. A kind person is kind no matter how another person behaves. Acting intuitively, the kind person will therefore allow another individual to show "who they are" while all the time maintaining poise and reasonableness.

This doesn't mean that the kind person is a softie and allows themselves to be mistreated in any way. If anything, these people know their value and worthiness. They don't try to change others into what they want, they simply leave them alone to their own devices. Kind people teach by example.

Kind people see the weakness in others but won't take advantage of them. They comprehend the shortcomings of others and understand that in this life we're all on a spiritual journey. We're all at different stages of learning. Sometimes people can be helped with diffusing their misconceptions about life's purpose. Then there are times one must leave others to suffer the consequences no matter how much it may concern their soul.

Kind people are humble and devoid of ego driven desires for others to be what "they want them to be." Nonetheless, kindness is not weakness. A kind person knows how to say no. If they say no they mean it and if they say yes they mean it as well. Anchored in the wisdom of the soul, these people are not attached to the temporariness of life. The adagio "help me to change the things I can and accept the things I cannot." is perfectly understood by the soul anchored in kindness.

Yes, a kind person may feel disappointment and hurt at times. But frequently, those emotions are built on the premise that they wish the other could have avoided a certain situation that may have caused them harm.

Kind people don't consider themselves perfect and are aware of their shortcomings. However, they have the ability to "self correct" due to God's grace. They are still learning and reaching for that soul perfection that only a relationship with the Creator can gift them. Due to this deep relationship with the Creator, they live in the world the way God has planned and behave honorably in a world gone mad.

So, which attribute do you identify with? Are you a nice person or a

kind person? Leave a comment below and let's discuss it.


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The Power of Positive Thinking

By Norman Vincent Peale

The Power of Positive Thinking is a publication centered around spiritual principles in practical terms. It's a must read for anyone whether you are consciously seeking God or simply looking for positive inspiration.

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