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What's Up!

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Are The Planets Just For Decoration? is fantastic reading filled with amazing insight and intuitive mastery. ProsperityJoy's marvelous comprehension of the spiritual link to astrology will have you mesmerized. If you've been asleep to the world around you, this book is sure to wake you up! This is the first in a series of thought provoking books by the author.

ISBN# 978-3-033-06846-9

Coming Soon!

ProsperityJoy Give Away: The first five people to guess my astrological sign will receive a free signed copy of my book "Are The Planets Just For Decoration?" Participate by going to my contact page, send me an email and write in the subject line "ProsperityJoy's astrological sign." In the message area write your answer and click send. If you are correct, I'll be in touch. The free give away is until March 31 , 2023.

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Preview "Are The Planets Just

For Decoration?"  HERE

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