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ProsperityJoy focuses on spirituality and metaphysical principles and how they apply to everyday life. There are no complicated theories or eccentric antidotes. A straightforward approach is implemented and formulated around wisdom and love. However, at times my writings may appear harsh when expressing a particular perspective, but truth is sometimes a bitter-sweet pill to swallow.

Truth has no place for political correctness, favoritism, ego, or the inclination to put worldly ideas before universal laws. Take it as you will: true freedom lies in practicing and realizing the "truth of our being." And yes, there are people who know this truth. Funnily enough, humans are idiosyncratic and believe that if they haven't experienced something, no one else has either! It's like someone telling you oranges don't exist after you've tasted them. This truth I speak of is not polluted by imaginary secular thought processes or what "I" want truth to be. Truth is. Once you have this realization, there's no doubt of its authenticity. I will go into deeper explanations about this topic and more in my blog. For now, I will let it be.

I released myself from praising creation and felt inspired to know the Creator of this vast universe.  "Who" or "what" is controlling the earth's orbit, the seasons, the order of the universe. I mean cows don't give birth to crocodiles and humans aren't born with wings. What or who determined this? The veil of delusion is powerful and seemingly there is nothing more to existence than what we see. But there's plenty more. And it's wonderful...!


On my blog, I will write about various topics about nearly everything under the sun. Additionally, I will publish books that will hopefully inspire those who wish to travel the road of self-realization. For those who choose to remain asleep-you are free to do so. I will end with the words "those who don't know-should not try to tell those who do know-that they don't know." ProsperityJoy.Faith is a site for those seeking answers. However, one must do the work themselves. I can only point the way...the work is with you!

What ProsperityJoy Is "Not" About

The ProsperityJoy site is not about debating or condemning. It is also not about convincing anyone of God's existence. A person may use any term they like for God. It, The Infinite, The Presence, The One, whichever name one may choose. The point is that God's existence does not depend upon whether we believe or not. God Is...! Therefore, there will be no debating to convince anyone of God's existence. This site and books are for those who believe, who want to understand more about their belief in a more intelligent manner, and those who are curious. This includes people from all walks of life meaning atheist, individuals from various religions, worldly individuals, and so on. No one is castigated or called a sinner. I make no claims to perfection. Self-realization is about perpetual growth. I simply share what I know


Truth is a powerful energy that is filled with love and wisdom it's not a struggle against anyone or anything. Our work is always with ourselves. It's happiness unending even during times of difficulty. As the saying goes "this too  shall pass." True spiritual awareness leads to a portable happiness the world can never destroy. Don't let the world scare you. It's a dream that "you can" awaken from. This is what I have done and this is what I want for you! 

Good Luck on your self-awareness journey and I hope  you enjoy this website!

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