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The Game of Life and How to Play It is a metaphysical classic. Ms.Shinn uses everyday situations to emphasis how

metaphysics and spiritual concepts enhance your life. Believe me, you won't want to put this book down.

Your Word is Your Wand: A Sequel to the Game of Life and How to Play It By Florence Scovel Shinn


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If you read my review for Ms.Shinn's other book "The Game of Life and How to Play It" her sequel "Your Word Is Your Wand" is just as riveting. This sequel hones in on the power of our words and how we can use them for goodwill or impediments in our life. Definitely worth taking note!

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I initially purchased Autobiography of a Yogi in paperback. After reading, underlining, and highlighting points in the book that inspired me, I purchased the hardcover edition. In my view, Autobiography of a Yogi is a treasure. It's not for everyone as it is advanced spiritually; however, it is written for the common individual in simple language. In fact, anyone picking up this book to read simply out of curiosity will be inspired. The content is witty and intelligently written. If you are searching for answers to the mysteries of our existence, you will find that this book will satisfy your curiosity. 

Do You Know Where You're Going To?

March 10, 2022

Do you know where you're going to? Most people don't but you don't

have to be one of those people.

On the other hand, you don't have to be a fortune teller either. What you should clear about your thoughts and have an intuitive character that will enable you to decipher your needs and whether those needs harmonize with your spiritual nature.

This has never been more evident than in the past two-years. Souls have been presented with trials that they never thought they'd have to face. Still, many failed this trial as they weren't able to connect with their true Divine Nature nor were they spiritually equipped to deal with the pressures put before them...and as a result made decisions that they sorely regret.

Due to being unaware of their Divine Nature...many, many Souls made decisions that are now costing them their sanity and their lives. And it's not so much about dying as "it's not when we die...but how we die" that's important. The suffering could have very well been avoided had the individual been conscious of and "listened to" that still small voice within.

This voice points-the-way without explaining itself. It's an intuitive, magnanimous energy that always wants to lead us to do the right thing. Many ignored that voice and trusted fallible man instead.

You see, that still small voice doesn't force anyone to obey it. You must heed that voice and follow it through your own free will." Some have said that during these years "Souls have been tried by fire" and unfortunately, many got severely burned.

There should never be a time when we neglect our spiritual nature because that "nature" is the guidance we need on this earthly journey. Spiritual awareness and becoming closer to our Creator is worth more than anything the world could ever offer.

It doesn't mean that we don't have families, careers, associates, and interests. It simply means that those things should not be put before our duty to The One who created us. If we do this, even through the most difficult times we will be guided and cease worrying about "outcomes" by leaving that to God.


It's easy to stand with the crowd, it takes courage to stand alone - Ghandi

Many lost Souls let emotions get the best of them, which results in confusion, weakness, and indecision, They usually end-up following the crowd as being objective and thoughtful appears to be too much of a risk to them.

They are swept away by temporal gestures that are alluring to the senses. Their decisions are based strictly on emotions and worldly stimuli. They are easily led.

Those who were "able to hear and see" faced ridicule and scorn...but they now have their reward. You see, that's the trick with metaphysical elements "everything may look like it's going wrong...but it's going right." Patience is the key. Those who didn't practice patience had to learn through devastation and suffering. That's if they've learned at all...!!!

Still, let us not be weary. Every Soul can turn to God at any time for guidance and reassurance that His love is always there waiting for them to acknowledge it. But it doesn't make things simply "makes things easier to bear." You will have happiness in even the most grievous circumstances because...."you have gained understanding and trust in The Creator."

The trying times of today will not become less but will increase. Are you prepared? Are you ready to face this great spiritual battle?

I'd like to read your thoughts on this matter.

Share your them below in the comment section.


Power Positive Thinking.jpg

The Power of Positive Thinking

By Norman Vincent Peale

The Power of Positive Thinking is a publication centered around spiritual principles in practical terms. It's a must read for anyone whether you are consciously seeking God or simply looking for positive inspiration.

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