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Motivation is the characteristic that helps us to achieve our goals. However, there are both positive and negative motivational influences. Keep in mind, that motivation is also a spiritual quality that is just as important in achieving our spiritual goals as our material ambitions.

For example, money is a definitive external motivator for most individuals. In this case, we can take the positive or negative route in order to make money depending upon our circumstances and habitual thinking.

There’s also internal motivation. It’s similar to a gifted child who begins playing the piano at age five without any visible external motivating influences or stimuli. The process seems natural and not coerced.

Motivation and the Will

The will is an attribute that cannot be taken away from you. Your will is your own. The will is what sustains your motivation. If your will is compromised, reaching goals becomes more difficult and personal growth is nearly impossible. In order to take action, a kick-start of the will is needed.

The impetus may come from within or without. For instance, an advertisement may motivate a person to lose weight, or an idea that has been brewing for quite some time within the subconscious mind suddenly spurs you into action to bring your brainchild into fruition.

Setting Goals

The mind works similar to the old recordings of long ago. Way before CDs and digital audio became all the rage, vinyl records were the means of listening to melodic compositions. The music was reproduced by way of a needle attached to a handle on an instrument called a phonograph, also known as a record player.

Wherever the needle landed, that’s where the music began to play. It’s the same way with the mind. Wherever you place a thought, the mind will perpetually play that thought and all of its deviations on, and on, and on. You have to move the needle, so to speak. So, if you want to reach your goals, be careful where you place “the needle of your thoughts.”

Motivation and Action

In order to be successful, you must take action, Yet, action is only possible when you are motivated. It’s somewhat similar to the age old mystery which came first -the chicken or the egg? How do you take action if you are not motivated, and how do you become motivated if you don’t take action?

Motivational endeavors must be balanced. Being overly motivated or too eager, can cause you to become egotistical. Too little motivation can lead to idleness and even depression. Only when you have the right motivational balance will you reach your goals and receive that much longed for reward of achievement, self-improvement, and contentment.

Another thing, even though we are sometimes motivated by external stimuli, internal inspiration is the best catalyst in order to be both balanced and motivated simultaneously.

How to Keep Yourself Motivated

  • Visualization

If done in earnest, visualization is a potent tool for maintaining motivation and a great method to help you reach your goals. Many sports coaches utilize visualization to motivate their athletes to succeed. Therefore, in order to achieve you must have vision; you must see yourself going somewhere or you will end-up, well, nowhere.

  • Using Pain as a Motivator to Achieve Goals

Regrettably, sometimes pain is the boost required to trigger motivation, and to help us realize the good that can be accomplished when we work towards our worthwhile goals.

For example, a person could suddenly become motivated due to the pain of losing a loved one. In this case, they may become motivated to do something they’ve been putting off for ages. Like making a will or fulfilling a promise made long ago.

Tips to Increase Motivation and Achieve Your Goals

  • Write down your goals, this will help make them clearer and more tangible.

  • Keep your goals in the forefront of your mind. In other words, remain focused.

  • Read about others who did not give up despite hardships, remained motivated, and achieved their goals.

  • Think about the benefits and ultimate results of achieving your goals.

  • Frequently repeat affirmations such as “I am positively motivated and capable of achieving my goals.” The affirmation will sink deep into your subconscious and trigger positive action.


Motivation is much like the oil of an engine; it’s the lubricating influence that keeps the engine running well. Having super talents or learned skills are not enough if there is no motivation. Motivation is the lubricant that affects you mentally and physically to do what you need to do.


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