The Masked Invader

October 22, 2020

I'm sure you are all well aware of the pandemic that has ravaged the planet lately. No? Well, let me clue you in on something. It's become bizarre. Actually, it's become outright absurd. At least in my eyes. And believe me, I can see quite well. Through the media and propaganda centered around the virus (which I do believe exists by the way), they've managed to turn much of the populace away from God to worldly officials out of fear and misconception.

The bureaucrats will save you. The bureaucrats know what to do. The bureaucrats have all the answers. Unfortunately, the populace - for the most part - has a severe case of amnesia and completely forgotten about their spiritual nature.

They've forgotten that we're not just a mass of flesh but eternal spiritual beings with untold power. Regrettably, that power is being used for ill-will and not for the good.

You see, God gave us one heck of an immune system, but the emphasis in the media is always centered around man-made solutions. Not even a mention of natural medicines i.e. alternative medicines to help people boost their immune system.

I'm not totally against man-made concoctions, but they're not the ultimate answer to the world's obsession with disease. Vaccines are not a cure-all and mask wearing has managed to separate us into the "virtuous vs the non-virtuous" the "goodies vs the baddies" the "we follow the rules against the anti-maskers."

A healthy society cannot function this way and mask wearing is one of the biggest culprits perpetuating this division.

The submission to worldly forces has now become severe and some even feel hopeless. God is is not. When we turn from God...there's no hope or freedom anywhere. It's not in the world, but that's exactly the place people look; hence all the depression, anxiety, fear, and hate...we're not in our true element.

Mask Wearing Suppresses Our Spiritual Being and Expression

The virus is invisible...mask makes the virus "visible." Masks are a "symbol." Masks create a "reality" of the virus in the human psyche. Not only does it do a job on the populace psyche, there's no actual metaphysical i.e. spiritual science nor scientific i.e. worldly science consensus that proves that masks actually have the desired affect, at least not on the virus.

Just to make it clear, I'm not against mask wearing. If you feel more secure wearing a mask...then by all means wear-it. I'm against making it mandatory that everyone wear a mask and the power-play that goes along with initiating mandates such as this. As the saying goes "power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

It's as if worldly powers get a kick out of making various mandates like you have to wear a mask while standing, in shops, grocery stores, at home, etc. I gather that if they made a mandate that "we must clap our heals together three-times and turn counterclockwise twice" before entering our front doors people will do that to.

Humanity loses all sense of well, sensibility...and become lost when we forget The Creator and give power to the world.

You might say that masks are worn regularly in some parts of East Asia, but it's voluntary. Not only that, the masks are worn for completely different reasons. This informative site explains why in East Asia - like Japan - people wear masks regularly for a variety of reasons:

"Japanese wear masks when feeling sick as a courtesy to stop any sneezes from landing on other people. Japanese women mask their faces on days when they don’t have time to put on makeup. Philippine motorcycle riders wear masks to deflect vehicular exhausts in heavy traffic. In Taiwan, citizens say masks keep their faces warm in the winter and offer a sense of protection from air pollution, including any airborne germs."

Whether the masks they wear actually provides the protection they seek may be up for debate. Overall, masks are not seen as a sign of control and oppression in East Asian countries as it has become in the west.

However, the masks are not designed to keep out viral particles either, and they're not nearly as tightly fitted around the nose and cheeks" as N95 respirators/surgical masks, according to many virologist.

This medical site provides some interesting information:

"Face masks can play a role in preventing the infection, but that role is limited. A healthy individual in a normal situation does not need to wear a mask, as per CDC recommendations. A face mask is not the ideal solution for protection from the new coronavirus for the following reasons:

-The mask does not fit tightly over the nose and mouth

-It is not possible to prevent airborne virus infections

-It is difficult to keep a mask on for long periods of time

-When touching the mask, the protection is lost and the mask must be replaced and disposed of it properly

A surgical face mask offers a "certain amount" of protection against infection from your own hands or droplets from the cough or sneeze of an infected person. I

It is suggested that you should wear a face mask if:

-You are infected and sick with the virus

-You are caring for a person infected with the virus

-You are a health worker

-You are in contact with infected people for any other reason

In many ways, advice from "the experts" is somewhat contradictory. "Face masks are not actually effective, but wear them when (you fill in the blank)." The problem is that "healthy individuals" are being mandated to wear a mask because "they might have the virus and not show symptoms."

So now, being healthy is considered "dangerous." You see where all of this is going?

The mandates can go on forever....because "man cannot dictate nature nor can man dictate fate" unless the actions taken are inline with "spiritual laws." As the spiritual side of humanity is thrown out the window more-and-more...we suffer more-and-more.

So, why are we walking around with our faces nearly completely covered when humanity has lived together for 1000s perhaps millions of years? We've gone through all types of plagues and viruses. So, what's so different now?

Outside of world leaders' personal agendas...we've lost touch with The Creator. It's as simple as that. When that happens, humanity becomes lost, delusional, insufferable. Our so-called leaders become tyrants because they feel there is no Higher Power to answer to and unfortunately, the masses obey.

Don't get me wrong. When those in charge of "worldly power" are filled with wisdom and have the "courage" to act on that wisdom, the world is blessed. But where is the wisdom and courage today of those who lead the people?

Man has become subject unto himself as if he created himself. And Humanity Is Lost.

We must forever work with our true spiritual nature "on earth as it is in heaven." As we continue along a downward spiral in the 21st century, we've lost the ability to express the beauty of God, the expression of love, the contagiousness of joy, and harmonizing virtues of trust that is naturally instilled within us.

Masks hide our beauty, openness, and the deep spiritual connection we have with one another.

What are your thoughts? I'd like to hear from you. Please leave a comment.

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