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The Game of Life and How to Play It is a metaphysical classic. Ms.Shinn uses everyday situations to emphasis how

metaphysics and spiritual concepts enhance your life. Believe me, you won't want to put this book down.

Your Word is Your Wand: A Sequel to the Game of Life and How to Play It By Florence Scovel Shinn


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If you read my review for Ms.Shinn's other book "The Game of Life and How to Play It" her sequel "Your Word Is Your Wand" is just as riveting. This sequel hones in on the power of our words and how we can use them for goodwill or impediments in our life. Definitely worth taking note!

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I initially purchased Autobiography of a Yogi in paperback. After reading, underlining, and highlighting points in the book that inspired me, I purchased the hardcover edition. In my view, Autobiography of a Yogi is a treasure. It's not for everyone as it is advanced spiritually; however, it is written for the common individual in simple language. In fact, anyone picking up this book to read simply out of curiosity will be inspired. The content is witty and intelligently written. If you are searching for answers to the mysteries of our existence, you will find that this book will satisfy your curiosity. 

Everything You Wanted To Know About God But Was Afraid To Ask Part 2

February 11, 2021

In Everything You Wanted To Know About God But Was Afraid To Ask Part 2 I will go into brief detail about several more frequently asked questions concerning God and His creation.

Keep in mind, that no one will be able to fully satisfy your curiosity about God and His universe. I am still a traveler and there are those who have gone before me and those who will awaken in the future that are even more enlightened and knowledgeable about our Creator. We all help to uplift humanity in a number of ways. Whether silently with prayer and meditation, through books, a blog, internet channel, and so on.

God is eternally ingenious and manages to place us right where we need to be, as imperfect as we are, to help uplift humanity.

Questions and Answers:

Was Jesus the Son of God?

I view the Bible as an allegorical treatise and Jesus as a metaphor. The Bible is written in a way where each individual, regardless of their position in life, can understand it at their own level...meaning where they are in consciousness. This is why one person may read the Bible and pray and another person may read the Bible and commit violent acts.

To answer the question: yes, Jesus was God in human form. Jesus completely understood and realized without a doubt that "He and the God are one."

How Should We Pray to God?

Our entire life is one-big-prayer. Every word we utter and every feeling is a prayer, it simply depends on the intensity of the words and feeling whether they are answered and how they are answered - for both good and evil.

Hence, the law of attraction and the famous words "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth." Lev. 24:19–21

When we pray to God, we should pray in a quiet place and pray with trust and faith in God's promises. With God All Things Are Possible. That's about as simple as I can put it. Keep in mind that "prayer changes YOU not God."

Many people give-up in frustration and say that "God never answers their prayers." God answers in His own time and in His own way. If we aren't getting answers to our prayers, we must change how we pray.

Is Faith Real and How Do I Acquire Faith In God?

We constantly live by faith. You don't know what's going to happen from one minute to the next; however, in most instances we have "faith" that things are going to be okay or will eventually be okay if we do this or that. Nonetheless, faith in bad results can manifest as well. Reckless unconscious faith can lead to disaster and unhappiness.

On the other hand, conscious faith, means that you are aware of how God works through us to fulfill his promises. This is why as you get to know God, you naturally become more positive as you take on His blissful nature. You also begin to understand that faith is neutral and will move in either direction - whether good or bad. This is the freedom of choice i.e. will that God allows us.

With "conscious" faith, you are begin to understand God better because you know that it is "He" who is the doer...not you! And that each moment of your life depends on the faith you have in Him. Since God is in good becomes intrinsic.

Is Being Poor a Symbol of Self-Sacrifice to God?

Just because a person is materially poor doesn't mean that they are spiritually rich. And because a person is materially rich doesn't mean that they are spiritually poor. Only God knows the heart.

The saying in the Bible Matthew 19:24 "I'll say it again-it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich person to enter the Kingdom of God!"

Metaphorically the above Bible verse is speaking about attachment. Attachment to material things makes us forget God and believe that only material things can bring happiness, peace, and that the more we have, the more people will love us. Which many have found through the ages is not true.

In other words "it's ok to have worldly goods as long as they don't have you."

How Can I Get Closer to God?

By going within. For example, it is not necessary to go into a particular building in order to get closer to God because He is everywhere! You can start right from where you are with sincere prayer, meditation, reading inspirational literature etc.

You may also find other Souls who can inspire you, but the work is always within yourself. As the saying goes "if you are hungry, no one can eat your food for you."

True spiritual growth is also intelligence and mindfulness. As you grow spiritually, you will know if a person "is really on the pathway to self-realization" and they won't be able to fool you.


Thank you for reading my question and answer posts about God. I tried to keep each answer as brief as possible, as trying to describe and explain The Creator would take an eternity. Words alone cannot explain the experience of having God as your daily companion.

What I wrote in my post is "what I know" thus far on my spiritual journey to self-realization. I devoutly join my truly spiritual brothers and sisters across the world in hopes of lifting up the consciousness of those who are lost.

I hope this post has inspired you to join us. By getting to know your "true self" as a child of God, you help the world tremendously. Don't worry about being perfect, you have to start somewhere and that somewhere is from where you are....right now!

Many Blessings



Power Positive Thinking.jpg

The Power of Positive Thinking

By Norman Vincent Peale

The Power of Positive Thinking is a publication centered around spiritual principles in practical terms. It's a must read for anyone whether you are consciously seeking God or simply looking for positive inspiration.

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