Apocalypse Now?

September 16, 2020

I came across an interesting article titled The Best Apocalypses in History. After reading the article, it came to my mind that it's not unusual for groups or individuals to have apocalyptic predictions when the world appears to be going crazy. Sometimes it seems that you simply can't make rhyme or reason of what's actually going on.

Keep in mind, that the world has always been in a state of chaos as it is a "school" with students on every conceivable level. We're here to learn lessons and graduate in order to bring ourselves closer to The Creator. There's no other way to freedom and happiness.

The world promises much but delivers little. Once you figure that out and begin your spiritual journey things WILL start to make more sense.

Anyway, I think you will find the piece quite interesting. However, I'm not confirming in any way that I agree with the article's content. It's a short read, so enjoy. Write your thoughts about what you think in the comment section below.

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