Fear or Faith...Living In The Era Of The COVID-19 Pandemic

May 18, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic is testing the disposition of our society as a whole and individually. Many don't know what to do and are lost as they depend on societal solutions and the government more than The Creator i.e. God. Not that there aren't people with good intentions and those that we can trust. There are plenty of people doing good in this world.

Nevertheless, it all comes down to one thing...FAITH. Nothing and no one on the external can govern our personal faith. They can inspire our faith, but we must be the conduit.

Faith as individuals creates a collective allegiance that helps the whole of humanity withstand the pressures occurring now and those to come. The issue of faith is what prompted me to add this video to this blog post. The title is Home Security During Lockdown: Prepare For the Purge. You can click the link or view the video below.

The podcast is very well presented and is certainly helpful. Even so, I questioned the podcasters need to give all security and power to external methods when throughout history it is proven that only one method suffices in the end....faith in the unseen protection of The Creator.

This is not to say we shouldn't do tangible things to protect ourselves like locking doors or storing food. The point is not to rely "solely" on those things as a means of survival. Preparedness is important...but preparedness coupled with faith is even more important.

I remember reading a story about an adventurous woman embarking on a solo hot-air balloon ride. After taking off and blissfully sailing through the air, she encountered technical difficulties. Her balloon started to descend uncontrollably. She tried all the usual methods to get control of the balloon but nothing worked. So she did what came naturally...she prayed.

Within what seemed to be a split second the thought came to her to make an adjustment to the balloon landing gear that hadn't occurred to her before. And of course, she landed safely. In order for this woman to pray at all, there must have been a strong faith, whether consciously or subconsciously, that during her time of great need, she would receive help. In fact, to go on such a venturesome undertaking solo proved she had mounds of faith anyway!

So, after viewing this podcast. Do you think all the suggestions of man-made protection is all that is required to keep you safe? Do you think that there's no need for God in any of this and that it's possible to "go it alone" so to speak?

Does the video make you fearful or does it instill faith and calmness while taking practical steps for protection? You be the judge. Tell me what you think in the comment section below after viewing the video.

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