Be Thankful For Difficulties

November 21, 2019

OK, to make things clear, the title "Be Thankful For Difficulties" does not mean that we have to enjoy or invite difficulties into our life. However, it does mean that if we view our difficulties from the proper perspective, they can become a blessing in disguise.

It's not easy though. I mean, who wants to go through hard times? Most of us (if not all of us) would like to have an easy life void of all the problems that inevitably come with living on this tumultuous earth.

I don't believe anyone can escape life's difficulties! But unfortunately, it seems to be the only way we make conscious effort to grow!

In the article "Facing Challenges Makes You Stronger" there is a small paragraph (I changed the original word 'challenges' to 'difficulties') that says "but it's important to remember that, whatever the problem, there is almost always a solution. Facing difficulties is a way to push ourselves to see what we are capable of. What's more, when we look back on tough times, we can be proud of how we dealt with the difficulty and remind ourselves that life does get better."

I personally would also change the words "whatever the problem, there is almost always a solution" to "there IS ALWAYS a solution." Whether we discover the solution is another story altogether. Many times, if we just "get our egos out of the way" our true-self can expose the solution intuitively. The Creator is always trying to assist us for the better if we will only allow ourselves to "listen" to that still small voice within. A solution will not be forced upon us, we must be "open to it."

The website Tiny Buddha is full of fun and insights. I would highly recommend checking it out. The piece "7 Ways to Get Past Tough Situations Quickly" is uplifting and full of simple antidotes steeped in wisdom.

Go forth on your earthly journey with this thought in mind: "because I am responsible for my life, I will decide to succeed. I am believing I will make it." (Taken from an old book of verses I found in my collection)

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